Unathi Gives Reasons For Declining Pic With Fan Who Was Not Wearing Mask

A fan who had asked for a picture with Idols SA judge Unathi was disappointed when She declined.

Unathi had strong reasons for declining and this she made apparent: the fans wasn’t wearing a face mask.

As you well know, we’re in the era of the coronavirus pandemic, and one of the ways of curtailing the spread of the virus, according tp health experts, is by wearing a face mask. Some governments around the world have made the wearing of face masks compulsory in public.

A fan had called out Unathi, describing her as rude for not agreeing to take a picture with him. In an Instagram post, Unathi had noted that the fan in question wasn’t wearing a face mask. She explained that she had not dealt with a pandemic before and could not afford to put the lives of her family in danger by interacting with the fan who had no mask on.

She added that a lot has changed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and this includes the way she interacts with people. This might be the case for a long time, according to her.

It is what it is. It wasn’t something she planned for. Well, what do you think?

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