Unathi Nkayi Responds To Critics Who Think She Is Too Old To Join Kaya FM

Unathi clapbacks at people that think she is too old to join Kaya FM.

Kaya FM had announced that media personality, Nkayi, will be returning to radio and will debut a show on  in March.

Based on reports, Nkayi will be replacing Bridget Masinga, who will be leaving the show. The radio host will start in March and debut the highly-anticipated show around the time that Masinga would be leaving.

Just like always, critics are here again to analyze the whole situation. Taking to social media, the critics expressed their opinion about seeing a forty-year-old woman in the radio station. They wondered if Unathi is not too old to join Kaya FM.

However, the radio presenter has labeled them as being insecure.


People who obsess about age are people who are insecure about what they have achieved at their age. Do they expect a 19-year-old to host Kaya FM? Kaya doesn’t speak to 19-year-olds, it speaks to my generation. I don’t engage in age issues. I don’t speak age.

has not been on the radio for some time now. Her last time was with . With an exit tagged as ‘painful,’ revealed to on #BehindtheStory that one of the reasons she left the radio was because of an issue she encountered with the station’s bigwigs.

Her fans never believed that Unathi will decide to return to radio. They had accepted that the talented radio presenter will never return.

Following the announcement, Unathi Nkayi’s fans and listeners of Kaya FM are highly anticipating the debut show that will be anchored by Unathi in March.

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