Unathi Nkayi Shares Her Children’s Joke On How She Used To Treat Them

Unathi Nkayi’s Salary At Kaya FM Sparks Debate In Mzansi

South African media personality Unathi and former reality show judge has just shared a joke her children made about how she used to treat them about five years ago.

Apparently, back then, she used to shout at them for nothing. The years may have passed but the memories of her shouting are still pretty fresh. This much she found out recently.

It all came to light when her daughter addressed her brother, trying to remind him of how she used to shout at them for nothing about half a decade ago. But there has been a change in their mother now and she no longer shouts at them for nothing.

According to the kids, they prefer this part of their mum to the older part of her. And Unathi herself is pleased that her kids are open to her and she can at least see through what they went through in the past and how better to create a better bond with her.

Also, many of her fans who saw her post about the joke her children made, commented about the close relationship she has since developed with her children. As far as most of them are concerned, that is how it should be,