Unathi Nkayi’s Salary At Kaya FM Sparks Debate In Mzansi

It has often been said that all hands are not equal and that it is impossible that everyone should earn exactly the same sum. This reality manifests all over the world, forming a subject for sporadic debate. There’s an ongoing debate about how much South African media personality Unathi was earning while working at Kaya FM.

A news site recently reported that she was earning R81,250 a month as a presenter at Kaya FM – a position she had since lost over allegedly false accusations against fellow presenter Sizwe Dhlomo. South Africans appeared more focused on how much she was earning compared to what they earned and not that she had lost the job.

Some tweeps were incredulous about the stated sum because in their estimation it was huge – about three times my monthly salary, according to one Twitter user.

Unathi herself would not be dragged into the whole conversation. She is still fuming over her exit from the station after she accused Sizwe Dhlomo of assault but “internal investigations” found that she lied.

Somehow, Sizwe Dhlomo was dragged into the debate and some accused him of making her lose that impressive monthly salary. He had countered that she deserved what she got because she lied against him

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