Uncertainty As Arnold Schwarzenegger Provides an Update on the “Twins” Sequel, “Triplets”

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito were two leading figures in a comedy dubbed Twins, a sequel of which has been in the works since 2012.

Ivan Reitman had filmed   Twins and was set to return to film the sequel, now officially known as Triplets. But he died on February 12 this year. He was 75.

His death led to notable uncertainty about the sequel, with fans asking questions about what they might expect going forward.

Speaking about the sequel during the Arnold Sports Festival being held in Columbus, Ohio, Arnold Schwarzenegger had noted that the project had suffered a little setback as a result of the death of Ivan.

Now, according to him, the production will have to wait until the dust of Ivan’s passing settles, and then the production will address the sequel. The project will be filming in October, so there’s time to process a lot of things before then.

But Arnold Schwarzenegger gave no assurances he and his team will still go ahead with the shooting following Ivan’s death. He noted they will have to look into a different director and see where it leads.

With the uncertainty latent in his statement, some fans are already expressing worry over the sequel.

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