Uncle Vinny Shows Up To The Club With R47 000 Goyard Bag

Famous show host and musician Uncle Vinny recently got fans talking when he showed up to the club with a R47 000 Goyard bag.

One thing you must remember about Uncle Vinny is that he lives his life how he sees fit and isn’t afraid of anyone’s opinions. The famous event and TV host is known to dress in expensive designer clothes and also wear expensive jewelry.

This is something his fans have become used to. However, it still surprises everyone most of the times when he shows up wearing something pricey. This time, Vinny showed up to the club with a R47 000 Goyard bag. Mzansi can’t stop talking about it.

What shocked fans was that it was a local club, and Vinny was seen trying to protect his expensive bag. Of course, that made everyone wonder why he showed up with it in the first place. Goyard bags are regarded as one of the most expensive bags in the world, but that does not seem to be an issue for the “Youth League” star.

The video has gotten many reactions. @1stbafy wrote, “These bags are for Dubai nationality here in South Africa they can’t wait to secure that bag in Tembisa.” Watch the video below.

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