Uncle Waffles Drops “An Asylum of Solace (Part 2)” Album Soon

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South African musician Uncle Waffles is gearing up to release a new album and has just given fans clues about what to expect.

Taking to her Instagram page, the songstress noted that the imminent project is part b of her double-sided project, which goes by the title “An Asylum of Solace (Part 2).” She confessed great love for the project while also expressing the hope that fans would have a similar passion for it.

For those who might want to know exactly what is on the way, the songstress gave clues with teasers in the same Instagram post, which you can check out below.

The imminent project, according to Uncle Waffles, gives fans clues into her journey and experiences as a musician. Those experiences, she noted, can only be shared through music. And she has done just that.

Uncle Waffles rose to fame only recently after a clip of her vibing to a tune by Young Stunna went viral. She has managed to snag the attention of the listening public ever since. In fact, even Canadian rapper Drake had taken notice of her and even followed her Instagram live briefly.

Well, we will be here to share the upcoming album with you. Stay tuned.