Uncle Waffles Links Up with American Singer Ciara During Tour

During her international tour, Uncle Waffles had an interesting encounter with American singer Ciara. The trip featured a stop at the famed Coachella festival, where, after Ciara’s performance, the two stars bonded over Waffles’ popular Tanzania dance challenge.

Uncle Waffles shared the good news on Twitter and posted a video of their dance. The DJ is well-known for his passion for dancing and music, and his Tanzania dance challenge has become a South African trend.

Ciara, also known for her love of dance, looked to enjoy the dance challenge and had a good time with Uncle Waffles. Fans of both artists were overjoyed to witness the two great performers share a dance.

The friendship between Uncle Waffles and Ciara exemplifies the power of music and dance to bring people together. The two stars come from different countries but have found common ground in their love of music and dance. Fans are excited to see what other amazing partnerships Uncle Waffles has planned for the future.

Uncle Waffles and Ciara’s dance talents can be seen in the video below.Uncle Waffles Links Up With American Singer Ciara During Tour 2

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