Uncle Waffles Releases Visuals For ‘ASYLUM’

Piano star Uncle Waffles releases a new music video for “Asylum,” the title track for her latest project.

Mzansi DJ and producer Uncle Waffles is one of the most talked-about female hitmakers in the country and the continent. The “Red Dragon” star’s fame has grown massively since last year. She dominated social media with the “Yahyuppiyah;” trend, which recorded over 1.3 million videos on TikTok.

Taking time off from her busy schedule, Uncle Waffles released a follow-up project a year after the release of “Red Dragon.” She titled it “Asylum,” a project that housed seven tracks with contributions from Shakes, Les, Tony Duardo, Justin99, Pcee, EeQue, Chley, Scummie, Ghost, 3TWO1, etc.

She has released a music video for the project’s title track, “Asylum.” The new video is basically a club party, so you might want to check it out below. Uncle Waffles proves again why she is the rave of the moment.

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