Uncle Waffles – Solace EP review

After making quite an impression in late 2021, Uncle Waffles released her debut EP, “Red Dragon,” in late March 2022. The project contained the massive hit song “Tanzania,” which features Tony Duardo, Sino Msolo, and BoiBizza. It caught her so much attention around the globe and helped build her rep.

This year, Uncle Waffles returned to the scene with her second studio EP “Asylum.” The project was released on the hinges of her viral jam “Yahyuppiyah,” featuring Tony Duardo, Justin99, PCee, EeQue, and Chley. The song became more successful than her previous hit, “Tanzania.” The EP contained seven tracks, three more than “Red Dragon.” It also earned praise from Piano fans all over the world.

On August 11, Uncle Waffles returned with her third EP, “Solace.” This time, she sought a more chill feel for the project. It has already been well received by fans.

Cover Art

One thing that Uncle Waffles will never not be is the center of attention. The famous hitmaker is best known for her live performances, which she dominates with her skill and dance moves. She also makes sure you don’t miss her on her project covers. With stand-out covers for “Red Dragon” and “Asylum,” Uncle Waffles took things up a notch with the “Solace” cover. The art does not scream “solace” or “calm”; however, it features glittering naked Waffles drenched in studio stars. Her pink hair covers parts of her body, while she places a hand over stars on other private parts. The art stands out and makes her the focus. Anyways, the project is already about the Queen.

Popular Tracks

You may have noticed a pattern with Uncle Waffles. She always drops the first single from a project she plans to release before dropping the entire project. The “Solace” EP was preceded by the single “Echoes,” featuring contributions from Tony Duardo, Manana, and Lusanda. They did a great job. In our opinion, all the songs on the EP stand out, especially “Peace & Happiness” and the first single.

Tracklist And Features

For her debut EP, Uncle Waffles kept things simple by including only four tracks to it. The Piano star took things up with her second EP, “Asylum.” She maintained the same plan with a seven-song tracklist for the new “Solace” EP. Some of her previous collaborators, including Tony Duardo and Sino Msolo, also appear on the EP. Other featured acts include Murumba Pitch, Manana, Lusanda, 2Kultured, Jandas, Vuyo Ndevu, Ice Beats Slide, Sbuda MaLeather, Shakes x Les, MaWhoo, Sino Msolo, and Optimist Music ZA.


While she is known for her energetic and entertaining Live performances, Uncle Waffles is also a reputable hitmaker. The star opted for lesser energy on the new “Solace” EP. The project also thrives on beautiful lyrics, impressive vocals, and good beats. She certainly did a fantastic job.

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