Uncle Waffles Trends For “Influencing” Thuli Phongolo and Slenda’s New Style

Princess of Amapiano Uncle Waffles trends for influencing Thuli P and Slenda’s new style as 2Faced.

We cannot deny the fact that Uncle Waffles is one of the most influential DJs on the scene right now. With co-signs from Drake, Beyoncé, and some of the world’s biggest stars, her performance style has earned praise from fans all over the world.

DJ Thuli Phongolo and Slenda Da Dancing teamed up and formed a duo named 2Faced. They were buzzing over the weekend after sharing a fire video that has gotten a lot of reactions from fans. The thing is, their style is a little bit like that of Uncle Waffles.

The video was posted by X app user @Tshepo_Ranko, who noted the similarities and wrote,

“Ever since Uncle Waffles had that one video that went viral, a lot of female DJs have been trying to re-create it. They’ve been doing nothing but failing. That moment had God involved, it came at the perfect time and it was well documented. It’s not easy.”

While fans noted that their video was dope and also loved the energy, they could not deny that they had torn pages off of Uncle Waffles’ book. Check out the video below.

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