Uncle Waffles Wow Fans In Lagos, Nigeria

Despite claims that she would vanish from the music scene as quickly as she had appeared on it, South African DJ Uncle Waffles is still out there, doing her thing and living her best life.

She was in Nigeria recently as part of her Uncle Waffles Africa Tour. And she wowed the country with her deck energy. In fact, at some point, an excited fan was praying her with naira notes.

Uncle Waffles acknowledged the support, tweeting a video of the moment the fan baptized her with naira notes, and thanking the west African country. You can check out the clip below.

Uncle Waffles captured the attention of the music-loving public only recently after her performance of Young Stunna’s “Adiwele” went viral. In fact, at some point, it was established that the Canadian rapper Drake had taken an interest in her and followed her Instagram Live sessions.

In the intervening weeks, some fans had started criticizing her and claiming she was only playing and dancing to “Adiwele” at gigs. Even the loudmouthed Slik Talk didn’t spare her.

Well, Sis is still out there wowing those who take her and her energy seriously. And yes, Nigerians are yet to get over her performance.

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