Uncle Waffles Wows Mzansi With Her Reproduction Of The “Mean Girls” Jingle Bells Scene – Watch

Christmas had South African singer and DJ Uncle Waffles in her “Mean Girl” mood or rather era, and she put up quite a performance. At least, she left many people impressed and was the topic of conversation for a while because of her performance.

“Mean Girls” was a big hit when it was initially released almost two decades ago. It has become, to most people, a timeless classic. So Uncle Wafle’s decision to recreate it easily provoked great interest among South Africans.

Beyond that, it was actually heart-warming to note that she not only performed well with her pals on the stage but was simply wonderful at it, leading to acclaim of sorts for her performance. The songstress had taken to her Instagram page where she shared a clip of the performance, giving fans glimpses into that moment.

She also made it a point to tag those who were with her on the stage. You can check out the post below.

If you should ask us, we would tell you for free that Uncle Waffle and her friends did indeed put up a sterling performance worth the view time. it should be your pleasure to check out the clip for yourself. Come on!

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