Unearthing The Horrors: Controversial Pastor Paul McKenzie & His Misleading Doctrines

Migingo Village, Malindi – The family of controversial Pastor Paul McKenzie is in shock, as the horrifying truth of his actions continues to surface. Residents recall their first encounter with McKenzie in 2015, when he began his mission to convert as many people as possible to his misleading doctrines. He built the Good News International Church, attracting a significant number of followers before moving to Shakahola.

As families of missing loved ones continue to search for answers, they flock to the Malindi police station, holding onto hope that they may find them alive. Pastor McKenzie is believed to have begun his journey in Malindi, establishing the Good News International Church within a compound protected by a concrete wall, where his family is also believed to reside.

Neighbors, speaking in harsh tones, recall McKenzie’s arrival in 2015 and his departure last year. During his time in the village, he converted many into his followers. However, the neighbors had not heard of those who left until the chilling discovery of the Shakahola graves last week.

Families of believers who are still missing have gathered at the Malindi police station and Shakahola forest, hoping to find their loved ones. Some have traveled from as far as Nyanza and Western regions, and have been searching since the shocking news began to unfold. Desperate for answers, they’ve been camping at the police station, vowing not to leave until they receive reports of their missing relatives who vanished more than three years ago to follow Pastor McKenzie’s misleading teachings.

Some families report attempting to contact their loved ones through mobile phones, only to receive disappointing responses. They have called on the government to increase efforts in searching for those still hiding deep within the Shakahola forest. Meanwhile, detectives continue to uncover more graves.

The number of bodies exhumed from the forest has risen to 39 and counting, following the excavation of 18 bodies from seven graves today. Detectives have yet to dig up more than 50 graves, and the number of survivors remains unknown. As the investigation continues, the full extent of the horrors perpetrated by Pastor Paul McKenzie and the impact of his misleading doctrines on the community become clearer, leaving a lasting scar on the hearts of those affected.

Recently, the name Paul McKenzie has been making headlines in connection with cult-like beliefs, such as fasting to death, shocking many Kenyans. Until news broke of the mysterious deaths of his alleged followers, Paul McKenzie’s name was relatively unknown.

Matthias Shipetta of Haki Africa condemned the heinous acts committed by McKenzie and assured that progress is being made in retrieving the bodies. Shipetta urged the government to add more personnel to hasten the process, as many Kenyans have lost their lives due to McKenzie’s influence.

The controversial Malindi pastor, whose cult-like teachings have garnered global attention and led to the deaths of followers who allegedly fasted to reach Heaven, arrived in Malindi in the 1990s as a taxi driver. Many taxi drivers in Malindi knew McKenzie, but they were unaware of the tragedy that lay ahead. In 2019, McKenzie closed down his church and TV channel, The Star, and moved to Shakahola to farm on his 10-acre land.

McKenzie had been arrested in 2017 along with 35 primary, secondary, and university students who police said had been convinced to end their studies because it was “ungodly.” He was arrested again after two boys starved to death, but the police did not charge him. It is alleged that most of McKenzie’s children have not attended school.

On Friday, detectives from the homicide department began excavating bodies from McKenzie’s vast land. A team of detectives, government pathologists, local police, local administrators, and human rights activists flocked to the 840-acre farm to witness the exercise.

A Nigerian national, Abass Babatunde, is searching for six relatives who disappeared from their Nairobi home two weeks ago. Babatunde drove himself to Malindi Police Station with the help of Google Maps to report the case, seeking answers regarding his missing loved ones.

At the moment, the mysterious McKenzie is in police custody and is said to be on a hunger strike. He will remain in police custody for 15 days as the investigation continues.

As more gruesome details emerge, the community and families affected by Pastor Paul McKenzie’s actions grapple with the devastating consequences. With the search for answers ongoing, the full scope of McKenzie’s influence and the tragedies he has caused is yet to be fully understood.

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