Unique Names Parents Give Their Kids: Anele Mdoda Shares her Thoughts

What’s in a name? That’s one question that has been around for as long as one can remember. For some people, a name means a lot, and they are careful picking one for their children. For others, there is no for such “stress” – any name would do.

Well, South African media personality has just provoked a debate online after she shared her experience coming across unique names parents had named their children. She was impressed with the unique name and ended up describing it as a great pick – brilliant.

Many South Africans who saw her tweet agreed with her, while others used it as an opportunity to share the unique names that had been given to their kids or were themselves given at birth after their parents thought things out. You can check out some of the comments below.

is one of several South African celebs who are somehow intrigued with unique names and have thought of naming their kids one at some point. Another notable figure who had walked this path is Priddy Ugly.

Although without a child at the moment, herself has thought of a unique name for her child when she should have one.

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