“Unsettling” – Fans Horrified by Madonna’s Tik Tok Video

Celebrated singer Madonna had many talking yesterday after sharing a Tik Tok video just before the Grammy awards. The video has since been described with several adjectives, from ” bizarre” to “unsettling.”

In the now rival video, a piece of sensual music played in the background while Madonna, clad in an ambitiously revealing outfit, leaned close to the camera. Eyes closed, her mouth puckered in what should be a kiss. But viewers had a horror of it and stormed social media to share their thoughts.

Some of the commenters to the post described it as scary and that they can’t place the motive behind it. As far as they’re concerned, if the Material Girl wanted to be playful and sensual, you had achieved the opposite effect with the video.

Some commenters compared the clip to a monster exiting the woods and bid her stay right where she was.

Easily one of the notable faces in global pop, Madonna has passed her prime. She’s currently 62. In the 1990s, though, she was one of the faces music livers encountered almost everywhere. 

About the controversial video that has the Tik Tok orbit uneasy, she’s yet to say anything. And it is doubtful she will.

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