“Unusual” Pictures On Pearl Thusi’s Instagram Account Baffle Mzansi

South Africa’s are wondering what’s happening to the Instagram account of media personality and actress after images of nude women popped on the channel.

Some social media users think her Instagram account has been hacked; others think she shared the images for clout; and yet others think she’s just sharing her fantasies for the world to see.

Either way, the woman, who’s being debated online has herself not said anything regarding fan’s curiosity on whether her account has been hacked or not. So it’s safe to say she’s still in control of the account. Below are the images that got fans talking.

is known for always speaking her mind. So the series of images she shared online might be her way of passing a passage. If she had lost control of the Instagram account, she would have been the first to alert the public and warn everyone against interacting with the account.

By the way, has regular case of celebs losing their accounts to “hackers.” Just recently, Ayanda Borotho had taken to Instagram to let fans know that hackers have taken over her Facebook account.

Well what do you think of the images that got fans talking? Share your thoughts below.

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