Unveiled: New Nike Springbok Jersey & Kit Collection

If you’re a core Nike fan and also a fan of the South African rugby team Springbok, then there is a piece of good news for you. The brand has just unveiled its Springbok playing jersey and kit collection revealed. 

The production of the kit was a while in the making, but now that there is a finished product, there is also palpable excitement over what has been created. The nine-month wait is over. 

The rugby team got into a partnership with Nike last September, but the finer details about the making of the kit were kept secret. No more. 

Nike unveiled the new kit today, July 5, sticking to the tradition of green and gold. (it had to respect the Springbok tradition, of course.) 

Commenting on the new design, Rian Oberholzer, CEO of SA Rugby, noted that the team is immensely proud of the job Nike has done while respecting the wishes of the team regarding the design. “We couldn’t be happier.” 

The jersey was made to be durable and comfortable — something that could support the athletes’ field experience. 

While the team celebrates the making of the jersey, some tweeps are making irreverent jokes on social media, asking whether the new Jersey would make the team win more games. Lol.

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