Upcoming Rapper, Lil Zara Calls Emtee Out, Says He “Did Me Dirty,”

Upcoming rapper, Lil Calls Emtee out of not holding up his end of their agreement

Upcoming rapper, Lil Zara calls out Emtee, and says he “did me dirty”.

It seems Emtee isn’t entirely honest like we believed him to be. The Mzansi star is famous for his honesty on social media and also for calling people out. It may seem that he only says what he wants us to know.

Upcoming rapper, Lil Zara who recently dropped his new EP “Baecation” is calling the rapper out for doing him dirty. If you’ve listened to the EP then you know it features contributions from the “Brand New Day” rapper.

According to Zara, he had to pay a whopping sum for the feature because he figured it would elevate the EP. He also revealed he and his manager were also charged another sum for The Hustla to post it on social media. However, that didn’t happen, so he took to Twitter to lament.

After being retweeted 5000 times, the “Waves” rapper still did not reply to any tweet.

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