US Rapper, O’fficial, Reacts to Stogie T’s Comments About Her Rap

Stogie T commends O'fficial's rapping skill and she replied in appreciation.

A great advantage of social media is the fact we can reach out to people from different parts of the world. Stogie T has utilised such an opportunity to reach out to one of his favourite American rappers.

Stogie T took to Twitter to send his shout out to US Battle Rapper, O’fficial. The South African rapper praised O’fficial for being very skillful in battle rap. He expressed his admiration for her talent and how she is a good example in the hip hop world.

Stogie T wrote:

O’fficial is such a dope battle rapper. Gets busy everytime, super respectful, you can’t tell she is a real fan of the culture. I hope we get to see more battle rappers on her level this year.

Jessica Fisher, known famously as O’fficial, is an American battle rapper and MC from New Orleans, Louisana.

In 2012, O’fficial made her battling debut on the GotBarz battle league against her fellow New Orleans rapper.

Stogie T did not tag O’fficial on his tweet, but you know, social media is an amazing world. O’fficial saw the post and was excited that she even has fans in Africa.

She wrote with exhilaration:

Omg I just did my research YOU ARE AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGG THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH FOR ALL THIS LOVE…Thanks sooo much I didn’t even realize I had supporters in Africa THIS IS AMAZING.

O’fficial reacted and ended the note with heart emojis.

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