Usher Dragged For Spraying Stripper “Fake” Bills

What has American singer Usher been up to? Something comic, perhaps? The songster has been roasted online for allegedly throwing dollars bills with his face on it instead of the real thing.

A stripper had accused the “Love in this Crib” musician of throwing fake money her way. This claim ignited social media denizens, who started firing shots Usher. Some merely laughed at what they thought an attempt at comedy by the renowned singer.

By the way, soon after the Usher was roasted for giving fake bills to the stripper, it was soon esablished that he actually gave her real money for her service. The lady in question made it known later that it wasn’t the only money he threw at her.

In other words, Usher gave her the “fake dollar bills” (which were actually part of a promotion, according to reports) and the real thing.

Prior to lavishing his fake bills on the lady, the songster had shared a picture on Instagram of him showing off the bills in a transparent suitcase. You can check out the images below.

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