‘Uzalo Star Masoja Msiza’s Motivation Journey From When Dogs Bit Him (Video)

It has often been said that experiences make people – they shape what they become later in life and how they might relate with society and its denizens. This may have proven true in the life of South African actor Masoja Msiza.

He has taken it upon himself to go out there, visiting schools and motivating the young. But, he also made it clear that he isn’t going out to motivate people because he doesn’t think they can achieve things on their own but to bring something positive into their lives.

Hir childhood was good material, as he had related previously. As a kid, he was bitten by a dog while selling steel wool, and he still has scars from that experience.

Of course, the experience could have remarkably altered his life negatively. But he chose the positives and pushed himself to be the best he could be.

Today, his name resonates in South Africa’s film and entertainment universe. And he’s keen the younger generation should talk into the same positivism and be the best they can be. You can see him in action before the young below.

By the way, Masoja Msiza stands out for several flicks, including his role in Uzalo.

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