Valentines Day Is Not Women’s Day, “Focalistic”

Amapiano and SA star, says Valentine’s Day is not for women.

On Monday, February 14, the world celebrated Valentine’s Day, the day of love. Trust everyone to show love in the best ways they know how. Social media was flooded with photos and videos of people chilling, having dinner, lunch, and vibing with friends and lovers.

Well, Foca seemed to have spent the day doing what he does most. That is, surrounded by music. The “Ke Star” hitmaker shared a video of himself to social media and captioned it “Remember Valentine’s day is not for women”.

Of course, his fans found it hilarious and they took to the comments section to react. This is obviously a message for the guys to remember that they aren’t the only ones who should give gifts and make big plans for their women. Hopefully, the “President Ya Strata” star’s message was well received.

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