Valery Nahayo Dismisses Claims Of Jealousy After Mocking Itu Khune

South African footballer Velery has just reacted to criticism over his comment against fellow footballer Itumelkeng Khune. Itu, as he is fondly called, was recently suspended from Kaizer Chiefs over indiscipline.

According to multiple reports, Itunn had reported for training drunk, and it didn’t go unnoticed. A disciplinary action was taken and he was not only stripped of his captaincy but suspended from the team as well. That was a big hit indeed.

However, as was evident soon after, he was positive despite the suspension, and he didn’t stop training on his own. In a clip shared on his official Instagram page, he revealed himself at training, as well as encouraged himself in the caption of his post.

Valery saw the post and used it to mock Itu. In the comment section of the post, Valery has written: “Bro, can we have a drink before training tomorrow?” followed by a beer and laughing emojis. Some ASouth Africans found his response funny and some didn’t.

Some of those who didn’t find it funny claimed Valery was just jealous of Itu. He dismissed the claim that he was jealous, pointing out that he uses the money that he would have used on expensive beer to buy toys for his kid. He drinks “cheap” beer.

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