Veteran Actor Vusi Thanda Propped To Play Nandipha’s Father In Thabo Bester Documentary

Thabo Bester is the man of the moment but sadly not for good. The convicted felon’s audacious prison break, escape, and eventual apprehension have already been described as the stuff of legend. Not surprisingly, plans are underway to make the whole drama into a documentary.

One man many people are propping to play a critical role in the Thabo Bester documentary is veteran actor Vusi Thanda. The celebrated actor himself has proposed to be a part of it, to play the strategic role of  Nandipha’s father.

A celebrity cosmetologist, Nandipha is the woman who had facilitated Bester’s escape from prison, and he lived with her until the unravelling of his case.

Thabo Bester had allegedly perished in a prison fire, but it turned out he switched bodies with someone else and vanished from prison. Thereafter, he began living his best life with Nandipha in her mansion.

Well, enough of background. There is great excitement to see Vusi Thanda play the role of Nandipha’s father, with some tweeps drawing similarities between them, including physical features.

Anyway, nothing is settled at the moment. It would be interesting to see whether Vusi would eventually snag the role and if he would ace it. Stay tuned.

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