Veteran Afrikaans Country Singer Lance James, dies at 81

Afrikaans Country singer, Lance James passes away at 81

Veteran Afrikaans country singer, Lance James passes away at 81.

The country is in mourning because a legend has passed on. Literally everyone who knew him and his music is sad to hear of his demise, and it makes us think of the amazing legacy he left behind.

The veteran Afrikaans Countey singer reportedly passed on 2 March, 2020 after having hip surgery. According to reports, he had been having health issues and was admitted to the hospital a few weeks back. Recently, he was admitted again after falling and breaking his hip. Sadly, he didn’t get better after the hip surgery and has passed on.

We hear he was surrounding by family and close friends in his last moments. The news of his death was confirmed by his manager and friend, Lydia Winchester in a tweet on Monday, 2 February,

Lance, my friend, died this morning in a Johannesburg hospital.

Lance James, aka Big Daddy will always be remembered for his music and covers.

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