Victims Scammed By Nzuzo Njilo, Faith Nketsi’s Husband Speaks

Nzuzo Njilo, Faith Nketsi’s spouse, has been accused of duping multiple people in a truck joint venture, with victims coming forward to share their stories. Mala Gwarube, one such victim, described how she was duped out of her new Renault horse and trailer truck by Luntu Maxegwane, who was collaborating with Njilo.

Gwarube had signed a contract with Maxbu Projects to lease her truck to the company, but Njilo or Maxegwane had never paid her. Gwarube found she had been misled after Njilo advertised her truck on social media and attempted to back out of the agreement. Maxegwane refused to hand over the truck keys, prompting Gwarube to enlist the help of lawyers and court sheriffs. When Gwarube was later requested to collect the truck, she discovered that it had been sold to someone else and was damaged.

Melford Dube, another victim, deposited R300,000 in Njilo’s company, Njilo Trucks, only to discover that Njilo had no trucks under his name. Dube stated that he has not been paid by Njilo since 2020.

Njilo and his business partner, Kwanda Ntshangase, are accused of duping a man into purchasing a truck that was never delivered after he paid a hefty money.

On April 25, Njilo surrendered to the South African Police Service after an arrest warrant was issued for him and Ntshangase. On April 18, police issued a statement asking the public for information that could lead to their arrest.

Victims of Njilo expressed shock and dismay, and several resorted to social media to share their stories. Many internet users have expressed outrage and called for justice in response to the revelation. The case emphasizes the importance of exercising caution when joining joint ventures and thoroughly researching the individuals or companies they are collaborating with.

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