Video: 3 Dead In Bakkie-Yaris Crash On The N1 In Limpopo

A crash is a situation many people would not want to be involved in, and for good reasons. But then, more often than not, fate had other ideas. Shi happens.

This much played out recently on the N1 in Limpopo, which was captured in detail by CCTV cameras in the area. In the trending clip, a white Yaris could be seen slowly taking a right turn. A  red bakkie was on high speed, coming just ahead of it.

In what must have been an attempt to avoid the Yaris, the bakkie driver lost control, careening out of the road and then smashing on the side. Drivers in other cars looked on in worry as the tragic drama played out. You can check out the clip below.

According to multiple sources, three persons died in the tragedy. The dead had not been identified at press time.

The accident elicited mixed reactions from tweeps on Mzansi’s social media. The overwhelming verdict on the accident was that the Yaris driver was to blame for it all. According to many who tweeted about the accident, if the Yaris driver was going to take such a risk, he should have sped up and not slowed down.

Investigations are ongoing.

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