Video: Andile Mpisane Shows Off New Mercedes Maybach

Andile Mpisane, the son of businesswoman Shauwn Mkhize, is surely living the life many peeps dream of but just cannot attain.

The footballer recently acquired a Mercedes Maybach GLS600 4Matic and took to his Instagram page to show off the new ride. In the caption to the post, he indicated three things he would not sacrifice: family, love, and himself.

South Africans were wowed by the exotic wheels and they thronged his comment section to congratulate him on his new ride. Some fans described the whip as their dream ride, others used the opportunity to pray to manifest similar blessings.

With the Maybach, Andile Mpisane’s exotic garage swells a bit.

Andile Mpisane New Mercedes Maybach

The footballer, who’s also a musicians and club owner, has never hidden his love for the good life. This is not surprising given that he was born into a wealthy family.

Among others, he rolls through town with a Bentley and a Rolls Royce. It isn’t all about him, though. He’s also shown that he has a magnanimous spirit. When he turned 20 not long ago, he had shelled out 200k to support some needy students in Mzansi.

At the rate Andile is acquiring the cars, one wouldn’t be surprised if he should buy some more before the end of the year.

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