Video: Ayanda Jiya Details Musical Odyssey, Previous Insecurities & More In New Interview

South African singer Ayanda Jiya was a recent guest on the show  The Unplugged,  where she shared little known details about her life, musical journey, insecurities, and so much more

The singer is famous not only for the songs she has released but for the work she has done with other musicians. She’s especially noted for her collaboration with The Boy Doing Things, A-Reece.

In her sit-down with Slikour, she had noted that she suffered from insecurities at some point. In the intervening years, she had managed to work on them and walk out of them. Now she’s a much better person.

For those desirous of knowing about her musical odyssey, the songstress detailed that as well, giving clues into how she came to be who she is today and the musicians who aided to move.

Music means so much to her and will always mean so much to her. You have probably heard it said by some people that they cannot do without music or may not feel complete without it. You can easily count Ayanda Jiya among the same league.

Check out the video interview below and know more about this singer than you previously did. Come on!

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