Video: Big Xhosa Honours A-Reece With A Tattoo

Not long ago, Big Xhosa dissed almost every big name in South African rap. A-Reece wasn’t spared. But then the songster backtracked and apologised fi The Boy Doing Things.

Big Xhosa apparently meant business because he has taken things further, showing that he actually idolised the “Paradise” hitmaker. Well, the songster had taken things further to show his love for A-Reece by having a tattoo of him.

In a recent clip shared online, Big Xhosa had flaunted the tattoo of A-Reece’s name he had on his arm. You can check it out below.

At the time of writing, A-Reece had not responded to the art celebrating him and his apparent influence over the life of an upcoming rapper. However, to those who are actually following things, it means that Big Xhosa thinks highly of A-Reece to have gotten an ink of him.

At this rate, it is clear that, besides dissing his fellow rappers and declaring South African hip hop to be dead, Big Xhosa is also pretty good at giving his compatriots their flowers. For instance, he had previously celebrated iFani as one of the best rappers Mzansi had ever produced. It remains to be seen who’d inspire him to do something similar.

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