Video: Big Zulu Pops On Stage For A Boxing Match While King Monada Performs

The comedy continues for King Monada and Big Zulu after their “failed” boxing. Just recently, Big Zulu had popped on stage while King Monada was performing to a large audience.

It was a comical confrontation that had fans laughing that they might have just seen a scene from the WWE.

King Monada and Big Zulu clearly have an unfinished business. In the heat of the celebrity boxing match hashtag, King Monada, one of the notable figures in the bolobedu house music scene in South Africa, had picked Big Zulu for his opponent.

His choice of the Inkabi Records boss provoked hilarity across South Africa because big Zulu actually has a massive stature while King Monada is on the skinny side.

Their scheduled match ended up a comedy because it actually never happened. King Monada had arrived at the match venue with his aides. In the ring, he feigned anger and a fighting mood, charging at Big Zulu. But the skinny King had his aides with him in the ring, who were holding him from actually fighting. Fine script.

Well, Big Zulu appeared to be in the mood to troll King Monada over their failed fight when he popped on stage.

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