Video: Brenda Ngxoli Speak On How Men Try To Intimidate Her As A Female Farmer, Steal Her Livestock

Actress Brenda Ngxoli is one of those who have taken to the land and she is loving every moment of her farming adventure. However, it has not been without incident. As a matter of fact, she is facing serious challenges and had had to cry out.

In recent posts on social media, s, she noted that she is facing some challenges as a female farmer in the country and that males often try to intimidate her while other others steal her livestock.

She also noted that her mother, who happens to be a single farmer, was disrespected by men who wanted to forcibly enter their premises. In sharing the incident on Twitter, the “Home Affairs” actress also revealed the identity of members of the South Africa Police Services who sided with the intruders.

Since she went public about her ordeal, the public has been showing her support, something that isn’t lost on her. In fact, she recently took to Instagram to appreciate her fans for supporting her amid her challenges. She said she and her mum are alive and okay. You can check out her post below.

It is common knowledge that gender-based violence is prevalent in South Africa, so Brenda raising an alarm and getting the attention of the public is nothing surprising.

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