Video: Did Actress Nia Long Seemingly The Ime Udoka Infidelity Scandal?

With news of her longtime partner and Celtics Coach Ime Udoka cheating on her hitting the web, actress Nia Long may have quietly acknowledged this relationship fail and decided to focus on the light and not the dark – or so fans are saying following a cryptic video she shared on her Instagram stories following the infidelity news.

The video was originally shared as a reel by the Omology {Healing & Wellness} Instagram account. However, the message of the clip apparently resonated with the actress, and she decided to share it, albeit on her stories, where he could only be available for 24 hours.

Nia Long is what many would call the ideal partner – never in any form of scandal and justly loved for her personality.

Not surprisingly, when the cheating news broke, many tweeps were incredulous, and they wondered out loud how anyone would want to cheat on the actress. The fans were like, “How could you cheat on Nia Long?”

Well, without being direct, the actress appeared to have still acknowledged it. But then, vide her video, she wouldn’t want to dwell in the darkness. So she is out to embracer the light in spite of everything. It seems like the way to go.

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