Video: Dineo Ranaka’s Daughter Advises Her On How To Respond To Men Seeking Relationship

Dineo Ranaka clearly has a deep bond with her daughter. Such is the bond that the little Ranaka has got for Momma that she’s got a say in her life as well.

In a clip the media personality shared on her Instagram page, her 9-year-old daughter could be seen advising her on what to do when men try to woo her.

Kopano isn’t prepared to see any man take center stage in her mother’s life, so she advised Dineo in the clip to tell prospective suitors that she has a daughter and then block them.

As should be obvious from the caption to the post, Dineo was clearly amused. A couple of clowns and laughing with tears emojis indicated how she felt about her daughter’s advice. You can check out the video below.

Dineo Ranaka isn’t done with the relationship thing. So it is doubtful that she would listen to the opinion of her little daughter.

All the same, let us just hope a bloke that might find his way to Dineo’s house as her new lover doesn’t flee instantly because a kid hurled sticks on his head. Lol.

Jokes aside, it would be interesting to see how Dineo navigates the relationship thing now that her daughter has shared her opinion.

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