Video: Freddie Gibbs Attacked by Benny The Butcher’s Associates

Freddie Gibbs had a pretty rough patch over the weekend when he was beaten up and allegedly left with a swollen face by peeps loyal to Benny The Butcher. In the fray, he reportedly lost his chain. 

DJ Akademiks tweeted about the lost chain and its movement, claiming he had confirmation about it all. 

The storm between Freddie Gibbs and loyalists of Benny The Butcher was the culmination of a spat the two rappers have had for a while. 

The fight, which erupted at the  Dinosaur Bar-B-Que in Buffalo on Saturday, May 14, caught Freddie Giggs unawares, and at the end of it all, he was left with a swollen face. 

In the video shared online, several persons could be seen tracking the rapper, and he ran, trying to seek safety. There clearly wasn’t much room for escape, as the video shared by DJ Akademiks showed. The DJ had asked the rapper if he had any comments about what happened. But at the time of writing, he’d not said anything. 

While the rapper is yet to comment on the attack, records show this isn’t the first time the associates of one rapper would brutalise another rapper over perry rivalry. It’s happened before, and we don’t expect it to end soon. 


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