Video From Will Smith’s Botswana Adventure

American actor and filmmaker Will Smith is still on the road, travelling through Africa and generally having a good time. He is currently in Botswana from where he’s shared pictures and videos of his adventures, leaving his fans hooked.

WillSmith has multiple film projects in the works, and his trip to Botswana is reportedly part of the film projects he is working on. To his credit and to the delight of his fans, he has been keeping them updated about his adventures in the country.

Botswana has impressive wildfire and is the ideal spot for an African safari – something that isn’t lost on the American, who has been exploring the place avidly. What is unclear at the moment is which of the four films he is said to be working on is keeping him in the country at the moment.

It is unclear, but that wouldn’t be long. Soon enough, the films will be out and fans should be able to know that. You can check out one of the clips he’s shared below.

It seems just like yesterday when Will Smith Popped into the Oscars stage and slapped comedian Chris Rock in the face for making an irreverent joke about his wife, Jada. But the furore has since died down, with Will Smith moving ahead with his life despite his 10-year ban.

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