Video From Will Smith’s Botswana Safari Adventure

American actor Will Smith is in Botswana and more than happy to be. At least he has been advertising his excitement with posts online.

His visit to the southern African country meant a lot because it was his first. And he is excited enough to record so many aspects of his adventures. He even joked that he’d continue the recording as long as the cameras did not overheat. You can check out his tweet below.

The Hollywood star’s safari adventure has caught the attention of his fans, who have thronged the comment section of the posts about his adventures, wishing him a good time and hoping he stays safe out there.

Botswana has impressive wildlife, so it is expected that Will Smith will actually have a grey time exploring the country as part of his safari adventures

Clearly, nothing can stop Will Smith from doing what he loves best and from having a good time as well. His recent trip to Botswana shows just that. The thespian had been banned by the Oscars after slapping comedian Chris Rock, who made fun of his wife Jada Pinkett, but the ban was not enough to make him ditch the world of acting.

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