Video: Kabza De Small Flaunts His Cooking Skills

Apparently, Kabza De Small is not only good at cooking amapiano jams but in cooking as well – literally.

In a recent post to Instagram, the songster had shared a clip of himself doing the honors in the kitchen. Some fans were amused by the clip. Others commended him for his cooking skills.

And there were those who joked that if h should marry, his wife wouldn’t have to stress herself much because her man would be doing most of the cooking. You can check out the clip below.

Kabza DE Small is one of the key figures in amapiano music in South at the moment. He’s earned his stripes actually because he started playing piano music before it became popular in and ultimately the zeitgeist.

He’s also been instrumental in the lifting of other musicians. For instance, the amapiano singer credits Kabza De Small with helping his music career and making him the visible artiste that he is today, with hits playing all over Mzansi.

Well, if you’re hungry, you may want to head over to Kabelo’s and ask for a helping of the meal he’s prepared. LOL. We aren’t promising anything here, though. Still, if you’re hungry…

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