Video: Khanyi Mbau’s Daughter Khanukani Reportedly Pregnant

Rumors are currently flying across Mzansi that Khanyi Mbau’s daughter Khanukani is pregnant. The controversial songstress and actress has not said anything about the pregnancy, nor has Khanukani herself.

Peeps started speculating she’s pregnany after a video of the family together was shared online. In that video, which was meant to celebrate Khanyi Mbau’s father’s heavely birthday, Khanukani could be seen looking uncomfortable and trying to hide her stomach.

The video has since gone viral, with peeps asking Khanyi Mbau to either confirm or deny the news making the rounds across blogs in the Rainbow Nation.


Khanyi Mbau has said nothing about the rumors so far, however. She appears preoccupied with her role in the Showmax series  The Wife,  where she’d be playing the role of a resolute woman called uZandile.

By the way, while some fans are pushing the pregnancy narrative out there, others are saying maybe Khanyi Mbau’s daughter was just camera-shy and uncomfortable during the shoot in memory of their late patriarch.

Well, if indeed she’s pregnant, the truth cannot be hidden forever. We’re following the news keenly and will bring you more details as they drop. Stay tuned if you please. If she’s pregnant, then history is repeating itself in the Mbau family.

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