Video: Lasizwe and Ntando Duma’s Encounter In Bed

Local comedian Lasizwe and actress Ntando Duma had South Africa laughing after they shared their encounter on a bed…

Both celebs had shared the clip on their social media pages. In the said clip, Lasizwe was in bed with Ntando Duma and he’d quietly moved over to the celebrated actress for a kiss.

The move was probably unexpected. Duma moved away from Lasizwe, screaming and laughing at him. In the clip she shared, she noted in good humor that the comedian annoys her. She also stated that she thought he was gay. You can check it out below.

Sharing the same clip, Lasizwe had an entirely different caption: “When she finds out that you’re only gay on Sundays.

Fans were amused by the encounter and how Ntando Duma reacted to Lasizwe’s ambitious move. The focus by most fans was Ntando Duma’s scream as she got away from the reality television host.

This isn’t the first time the two have had a playful encounter, though. In a previous encounter, during Ntando Duma’s birthday, Lasizwe had grabbed her boobs and asked if she felt nothing.

Hopefully, the play doesn’t get out of hand and bombs start flying all over the place. Grab a popcorn and wait for the next goss!

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