Video: Makhadzi Attacked On Stage

A 13-second clip showing the moment what appears to be a beer bottle struck Limpopo artiste on the head during a performance has emerged online.

In the clip, which wasn’t dated, could be seen having a good time on the stage when what appears to be a beer bottle struck her on the head, forcing her to cancel her performance and leave the stage.

Before leaving the stage, though, she could be heard bidding bye to her fans. It’s unknown when the incident took place, but some of her fans say it happened just over the weekend.

By the way, isn’t the first to experience such violence while performing on stage. Some other South African musicians have experienced something similar.

In case you missed it, isn’t averse to the trending #CelebrityBoxing hashtag. In fact, she has indicated that she’s prepared to hit the ring with her ex and another musician. Her statement had elicited laughter from many, including those who thought she was no longer on talking terms with her e.

What do you think about the beer bottle incident, though? You may want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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