Video: Makhadzi Explains Why She Pushed Dancer Off stage

If you have been wondering why celebrated artist Makhadzi pushed her dancer off stage while she was performing, you may have an answer, as the songstress has addressed the issue.

The incident provoked outrage from a cross-section of social media, with many people wondering out loud why she did it.

In response to all the criticisms directed her way, the “Kokovha” songstress had noted that she meant no harm. You can check out the video of Makhadzi pushing her dancer below.

in another video, Makhadzi had explained why she pushed her dancer off the stage, noting that pushing her off the stage was not intentional but the result of lack of focus on her part.

According to the songstress, she wanted the dancer to be at the edge of the stage so that the water that was being poured on the dancer would not mess the whole stage given that she, Makhadzi, still had another set to perform.

Unfortunately, she was focusing on the crowd and ended up accidentally pushing her dancer off stage. To those who might have been offended by it all, lacking the context of the incident, she apologized, insisting she meant to harm.

The explanation mollified some of her fans.

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