Video: Moonchild Confirms Split With Gontse

Controversial singer and female orgasm advocate Moonchild Sanelly has confirmed her split from her lover Gontse.

While the relationship lasted, the two were the talk of town, always gushing over each other and talking of a life together forever.

During a recent interview appearance on Podcast and Chill With MacG,  however, Moonchild Sanelly disclosed that her relationship with Gontse had actually crashed.

Moonchild Sanelly and Gontse were together for three years until their split.

With the relationship with Gontse over, the songstress noted that she’s in a fuckship. Oh no, it doesn’t mean she’s in a relationship. She’s actually still looking forward to that.

She insisted that she’s not dating at the moment but looks forward to having a man and a woman in her life.

By the way, Moonchild Sanelly recently jumped on DJ Khaled’s beat. The “Demon” songstress is one for living lie on her own terms. And that’s why, despite opposition to her style, she’s remained consistent in what she does, giving fans music that pushes them to scream “Ah!”

Well, if Moonchild Sanelly should find new lovers, we’ll bring you all the details as usual. In order to miss nothing, you may want to follow us right away and stay tuned.

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