Video: Musa Keys Talks Debut Album, Growing Up In A Church & So Much More

How well do you know the amapiano singer Musa Keys? If you’re clueless about him, you have the chance to know him on a new level here and now.

The songster recently had a sit-down with Slikour and detailed several aspects of his life and music and how he eventually became known on the South African music scene.

Apparently, his music dreams were very much alive early in his life. And it was reinforced because he grew up in a church.

His debut album “TAYO” may not have been a global success, but it put him in the consciousness of many in South Africa and opened the path to the musical success that he is now in South Africa’s amapiano universe.

But how, exactly did he have his big break? The songster detailed that much as well during the interview.

His sit-down with Slikour was deeply revealing and should make a reference point to anyone interested in new angles to the music and music of the songster. You can check out the detailed video interview below.

Musa Keys has not only released winning numbers since he popped on the music scene, but he’d also worked with several key figures in the music industry as well.

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