Video: Musa Khawula Confirms He Was Beaten Up & His Phone Smashed

He is one of South Africa’s most infamous bloggers, loved and hated in equal measure. So when the news popped online that Musa Khawula had been beaten, not many were surprised. To some tweeps, it was one bearing well deserved.

Why? What really happened? Was Musa actually beaten? Who could have beaten him or asked people to beat him?

Well, it turned out that what South Africans had suspected all along was, in fact, true. Musa was having an Instagram live, but the background noise suggested something was not in order. More likely, Musa was being beaten.

The assumptions turned out true, as Musa himself shared about it, showing his smashed phone screen to affirm that he was indeed assaulted, as the public had suspected all along. You can check out the clip below.

Video: Musa Khawula Confirms He Was Beaten Up &Amp; His Phone Smashed 2

While some social media users were sorry he should be beaten, some laughed out loud and congratulated him for having met his karma. After all, according to them, he was fond of peddling lies about celebrities and putting them on a pedestal for public ridicule.

In the course of his controversial social media life, Musa Khawula has fought several celebrities, from Lerato Kganyago down to DJ Sbu.

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