Video: Mzansi Reacts As Bheki Cele Spearheads The Destruction Of Illegal Liquour In Western Cape

South Africa’s police minister Beki Cele was recently recorded destroying booze in the Western Cape, an action that earned a comic tag, “Minister of Alcohol.”

The police minister has spearheaded the destruction of illegal liquor while noting that while there are legal alcohol traders, they will not escape the slap of the law if they should go against laid-down guidelines.

According to the minister, 20,000 liters of illegal alcohol were destroyed and another 50,000 liters will be destroyed after concluding court processes on the same.

The minister traces crimes like gender-based violence, rape and murder to the trade in illegal booze. So, according to him, there has to be zero tolerance to booze that’s traded illegally. You can check out the video.

there’s no outright ban on booze right now. People can still trade in booze, but they have to follow laid-down rules and not trade on what’s illegal. The minister insists the police will continue the crackdown on peddlers of illegal liquor.

Some social media users were having trouble understanding the minister’s motivations, though. Some have mocking asked if he’s the minister of alcohol.

well, it remains to be seen what impact the current crackdown will have on the dale of booze in South Africa. Stay tuned for more details.

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