Video Of Makhadzi Dancing Provokes Colourism Debate – Again

A video of artiste dancing to her “Ghanama” song provoked a debate on why she’s not as successful as some other artistes although she has a greater gift.

Social media users who saw the video commented on how talented the singer and dancer is and how, ironically, she’s yet to make a bigger impact on the music scene despite her sterling gifts.

Some social media users think this lack of great national success has to do with her physical features. is of the minority tribe and lacks European features, unlike many others in music industry.

Some social media users argued that these features are vital for success in the music industry and has not been celebrated as she should because of this. This isn’t the first time Makhadzi’s features have been the subject of debate, though.

Now and then, peeps would comment on how she looks, trying to make her feel insecure. But would laugh at it all describing herself as the most beautiful girl she knows. Really, there’s no denying she’s one of the most entertaining figures in South African music.

What do you think of the colourism debate provoked unwittingly? You may share your thoughts below.