Video: Rihanna Cheers A$AP Rocky During Concert

For those who think it’s over between and A$AP after rumours of him cheating on her hit town, there’s a piece of bad news right there. They are still together, and the songstress was even recorded cheering him on during a live performance.Β 

In the clip, which has since gone viral, the songstress is thought to be waving at her boyfriend. But some fans who watched the clip disputed that. According to them, she was merely dancing to the beat of the song being sung at the time and that the hand movement was just a natural response to the beat and not a deliberate wave at her lover.Β 

Well, whatever the case, it was clear that Riri and her man are still together and keen to work out whatever challenge they might be facing in their relationship.Β 

is heavily pregnant with her first child for Rocky. The couple has been friends for a long time but only seriously started dating last year. Riri broke the internet when she announced she was pregnant and showed off her baby bump. She’s not stopped showing off the bump ever since, not even during Rocky’s performance.Β 

She’s looking forward to having her child and to being a fiercely protective mum β€” so she said in a recent interview.Β 

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