Video: Rihanna For The Dior Show At The Paris Fashion Week, Fires Shot At Complaining Fan

With Rihanna, it appears like the drama never ends. Well, another drama played out during the Dior show at the Paris Fashion Week on Tuesday when she arrived late for the event.

An unimpressed fan, who noted her late arrival, kept bawling from the stand, “You’re late!” Unbothered, the heavily pregnant Barbadian singer merely responded, “No s**t!”

The songstress had made a grand entrance surrounded by aides as well as photographers when the fan called her out. She ambled majestically into the event, cradling her growing baby bump. She only turned briefly to respond to the fan who was annoyed at her late arrival.

Rihanna is heavily pregnant with A$AP Rocky’s baby. At the time people magazine revealed she was pregnant, she trended instantly. Some of her fans were unimpressed, though, as they thought she should have announced the pregnancy first.

Only after the People post and some complaints did she share her pregnancy pictures on Instagram. The “We Found Love” singer recently revealed that she’s “really into pushing the idea of sexy” as a mother-to-be.

True to her words, she turned up in a sexy outfit for the Dior show at the Paris Fashion Week. And oh, fans are so looking forward to when she’ll give birth.

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